Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't be a fool like me

For years I beleived a graphite shaft for my irons was the way to go. They were lighter and I was never a "big" hitter. Well after taking the game more seriously, I began to notice that my game was not improving. My iron shots were actually getting worse. I was spraying them all over. After talking with some professionals, a light finally went off--I had a regular shafted club when I needed a stiff flex. While I am not a big guy, my swings were getting bigger (faster). Unfortuantely, this revelation happened months after I purchased a set of irons with regualr flex graphite shafts. Well guess what, I had them all reshafted. Let's just say my wife did not like the idea.

1 comment:

ryan said...

Great advice. I'm getting ready to buy some clubs and I'll definitely take to heart your advice. I don't want my wife mad at me!